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IT Consulting has been our core consulting Forte.

Information Technology has become indispensible to everyone's life and will continue to be. Over 85% of population in developed countries nowadays own Smartphones which are more powerful than a full-blown laptop computer just a couple year ago. Almost every ordinary person is a daily user of some leading-edge Cloud computing services of one service provider or the other. Big Data research algorithm is digging out every single piece of your personal data from your Cloud-situated database to understand your buying pattern to sell you the specific product tailored to your highly personal needs. Information Technology is merging into your mind and soul without you realizing. Every touchable merchandize are going to be interconnected wirelessly, without you knowing.

IT (Information Technology) is going to be the most crucial winning differentiator in the productivity playing field. How productive is your business operating environment is a direct measurement of how effective you implement Information Technology.

It's time to take advantage of our IT consulting services to get ahead of any IT challenges you have long been facing, before your IT-savvy competitors erode you from the market.

In IECS, we have a team of highly talented IT Consultants to cater for your Information Technology consulting needs in various areas such as IT Service Management, Datacenter Management, Infrastructure Management, Security and Cloud implementation. We run a dedicated tier-2 datacenter in Hong Kong to cater for your Disaster Recovery and corporate Private Cloud requirement, and we are the South-East Asia authorized consulting reseller of an unbeatably cost-effective Russion based Cloud solution suites. Our IT consulting and solutions team are all ready to bring you the leading-edge next-generation infrastructure consulting and implementation services with a fraction of cost of what your competitors are spending. We'll help you achieve the highest IT operations profitability.

Information Technology consulting is no longer the elite privilege of the legacy big business players. Everyone, including you, can and should enjoy IT Consulting Services to simplify your business workflow and productivity to achieve highest profitability.

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